• Gold, Silver, White, & Black Surfaces
  • Translucent White Disc
  • Reversible
  • Folds Down to One Third Its Open Size
  • Gold bounce panel gives a late afternoon warm glow - excellent for portrait work
  • Translucent white panel is designed to diffuse transmitted light such as the sun, while softening shadows and contrast
  • Black panel absorbs light and does not allow reflection; it is suitable for blocking sunlight or window light that may create unwanted shadows, or for creating shadows by establishing a lighting ratio
  • Silver bounce panel provides a high contrast reflective bounce light

  • White bounce panel creates a bright, neutral light for filling in shadows and creating highlight


    Per Day Package Total - RM 50.00

    * Price excluded 0% GST

Phottix 5 in 1 Light Multi Collapsible Reflector 107cm (42")

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