The Tilt & Hold technology
This feature will quite literally take your photography to the next level, whether you're shooting in a studio or outdoors. To get a beautifully unusual angle, use the Tilt function to focus on your subject while moving the crane up and down. If steady focus is what you're looking for, use the Hold function to lock your camera in position during movement.

Flexible mounting options
The M1 III is wonderfully versatile. Mount a camera on it, in standard or low profile mode, or install your Motion X2 system directly on the crane to create a complete motorised system and shoot those interesting angles with ease.

* Main Section Carbon Fibre x 1
* Tripod Supports x 1
* Weight 5kg x 1
* Bag x 1


Per Day Package Total - RM 150.00

* Price excluded 0% GST

i-Footage Minicrane M1-III

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