Lightweight Track & Dolly

The ED330 Portable Camera Slider Dolly uses an innovative design to make rail shooting faster and easier. It is constructed of an aviation-grade aluminum alloy with a coating that increases the surface's wear resistance. It features a lightweight, foldable tripod and is very easy to assemble. 

The ED330 works with most professional video and photography tripods. With a 50kg capacity, it can be used with DSLR, HD, HDV and film cameras. The slider length can be adjusted from a length of 1m to a maximum of 5m. The smooth-rolling tripod dolly provides a stable base for those critical shots. The carry case keeps all the pieces together in formed compartments for safe transport.


Package Include :

1. E-Image Portable Dolly Bag x 1 Unit

2. High-density foam                x 10 pcs

3. Connecting rails                   x 10 pcs

4. Fixed link                             x 2 pcs

5. Universal dolly                     x 1 pc

6. Rubber foot                         x 3 pcs 


A day rental - RM 250.00

* Price excluded 0% GST


Additional Item:

- E-Image 100mm Bowl Tripod - 1 Unit - RM 100.00

- E-Image 75mm Bowl Tripod - 1 Unit - RM 50.00

E-IMAGE Portable Camera Dolly

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